Protect Your Pool When It's Not in Use

Get a durable custom pool cover in Abilene, TX

Scooping twigs, bugs and leaves out of your pool every day is a hassle. What if you could stop them from falling into your water in the first place? With a custom pool cover from Pool Techs, you keep your water clean and clear easily.

Our pool company installs pool covers in the Abilene, TX area and will help you protect your pool with a cover completely customized for an exact match. Each cover is anchored to your pool deck to make sure it stays in place, effectively locking and protecting your pool. You'll rest easy knowing your pool is safe and sound when you're not around.

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The many benefits of a pool cover

If you don't have a significant problem with debris falling in your pool, a cover might not sound as appealing. But there are plenty of other reasons to install a pool cover. You'll appreciate that...
• You won't have to worry about pets or children falling in your pool while you're not present
• A cover can slow down evaporation to help you save water and reduce chemical consumption
• Your pool will retain more heat, reducing your energy bill and helping your water stay at a comfortable temperature
• The custom pool covers we install come in a variety of colors and designs for an attractive look

Keep your pool and your family safe by installing a strong, durable pool cover. Call our pool company today at 325-480-9587.