Pool Leak Detection & Repair in Abilene, TX

We'll dive in to find and repair your pool's leaks

Our experienced crew has scuba gear that will allow them to dive into your pool, check the main drain pipe and, in most cases, complete repairs without having to drain your pool. Our digital equipment will let you know if you have a leak quickly and efficiently, no matter how small your problem is. Call 325-480-9587 today to determine the cause of your water level dropping.

concrete pool installation abilene tx
concrete pool installation abilene tx

We'll send out a crew to detect and repair the leaks in your pool

Are you constantly having to add more water to your pool?
There are a number of reasons that your pool's water level can be dropping, including:


All those are normal and even predictable. The problem is when your water level is dropping consistently with no correlation to the weather. Pool Techs offers pool leak detection services to make sure everything in your pool is functioning properly. Contact Pool Techs today to schedule pool leak detection in the Abilene, TX area.